What To Do, See and Listen to in 2015

2015-openLet’s make something good.

Read. Only the illiterate men and pigs that do not read books. Finish that Mockingjay book before the 4th film is out (ah, easy). Finish both Bumi Manusia and Robohnya Surau Kami. Re-read Atheis. Read at least one scientific paper a month (serious reading, no skimming, must be written in English). Read at least three short stories by Robert A. Heinlein. Read a love letter—if you’re lucky.

Write. Co-author a scientific paper in an Indonesian journal (unless your boss allows you to be the first author!). Write three product reviews on blog. Keep a small journal and write anything in it—wish lists, addresses, account numbers, expenses, bad words and shit you wish to say to some people but you hold all back, anything. Write a short story and show it to your writer friends. Re-write your CV. Write a love letter—again, if you’re lucky.

Manage. Be wiser with money. Start investing and take risks. It’s okay to lose one-month salary—you can always get the money back but sometimes you need to learn lessons the hard, expensive way. You know you can afford that.

Get tested. Take IELTS test. Apply for scholarships this year and win one next year. If you fail? Try again next and next year.

Away you go. Visit two new places: one eastward and one westward. Go as far as you and your money can afford. Meet new people and exchange business cards.

The good old time. Go travel with Titis, Yudhi and Rahma—would be great if Ithaq can join too. Explore a new city. Re-live the Jogja memories.

Challenge yourself. The idea of living with two jobs sound enthralling. Get one more and be serious about it.

Gain weights. Ah, this one. Gain 5 more kg by the middle of this year and another 5 by the end of year. Do not skip lunch more than twice a week.

Family. Don’t think to raise a family this year but be open to possibility. Spend two last days of Ramadan with mom—you’ve spent only one for these past years. Listen to her stories more closely.

Keduniawian. Hire a good tailor to create two suits. One that fits perfectly to your measurement. And another one: a perfect copy of Dior 1947’s Bar jacket. Imagine the idea of you two going to a party, looking ridiculously good together (yes, shallow but fun). Buy a convertible laptop.

8 thoughts on “What To Do, See and Listen to in 2015

  1. I hope all your wishes can be accomplished this year bang. Especially for the scholarship.

    For weight, I suggest you to take (much) dinner too hahaha

    happy new year bang!

  2. Hahahahaha sama-sama belum ngelarin Mocking Jay…

    Good luck for the IELTS & Scholarship test …

    I have feeling that you’ll get the scholarship 😄

    Well, masih ada mamah ya, mungkin kalo jarang ketemu bisa sering texting atau telpon.. Kadang mereka rindu di hubungi lebih dulu sama anak laki-lakinya..

  3. Is this a sign? I’ve been wondering should I or shouldn’t I apply for scholarship. But with this list (i know it’s your list), I guess this is some kind of a message that I should follow my dream. Nice list you have, and hopefully you can manage all of these superb things within a year. Cheers. 🙂

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