Review: Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck (2013)

review-100-wordsMore than just a pretty face.

Despite of carelessness here & there,  Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck s technically among this year’s 2013’s most beautiful films. Herjunot Ali delivered over-the-top performance—his accent cracked the whole room laughing. The beautiful Pevita Pearce tried her best to balance him, and to some extend I think she made it. Reza Rahadian once again sent us all a note; he is the ‘it man’ of Indonesian cinema today. Special notes to production design team and Samuel Wattimena.


There was a scene where two lovers bidding a goodbye by the lake, lit by the sunset afar. The girl gave the boy her headscarf. What a heartbreaking metaphor. Then a scene where people dance in a party (yes, so Great Gatsby), I don’t get it. Then a scene where a curtain was pulled down, revealing a big, old photograph in frame. The girl covered her mouth as if she was seeing death. Ironically that was not death—that was what lives for ever, instead. A scene where the boy told the girl everything he has bitten his tongue over all this time, then he walked away, putting his tartan suit on. To me, the film ended in this scene.

Van der Wijck is a good reminder of many things: things you can’t have now, the importance of kindness, the thingness of handwritten love letters. Watching film like Van der Wijck in this digital age is a good treat. You should watch it too.




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