Food: Sunny Side Up


Making tummy happy.

Sometimes we become irrational when we’re either in love or hungry. It was a cloudy afternoon when I decided to go downtown yesterday out of both hunger and impulsiveness.

The interior is dominated by both bright orange and white, with faded blue on one side of the walls and mirrors on the opposite. White rattan seats with orange cushions and orange with white cushions make some sort of interplay. Orange rounded tables and another white rectangles, topped with thick translucent glass, make a statement or two. Then there is a swing next to the main entry. First impression: a very whimsical & youth-savvy restaurant.

Egg is their forté, so I ordered egg benedict. I’m very safe when it comes to beverage, I don’t fancy drinks with too fancy names so I opted for cold lychee tea.


English muffin is stacked with two slices of tomato, baby lettuce and poached egg. Topping the dish, holandaise sauce that you might mistaken for mayonaise. The muffin is rather soft with a hint of sugary taste. Baby lettuce and tomato won’t make headlines, but they’re served fresh like lovers in the morning. The poached egg leaves an overwhelming impression: smooth as silk, neither too salty nor fishy, melting in the tongue like a little girl’s first heartbreak.

The whole experience was satisfying. The price, not quite. Not a good bargain for such petité portion. But again, if money can buy, price matters less.

Sunny Side Up
Summarecon Mall Serpong 021 – 29310723


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