Review: Prisoners (2013)


Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst. 

This one is a reaaaaaaaalllly good crime-drama I have seen for quite a while. By the way, ‘reaaaaaaaalllly’ is not even a word in my dictionary and when I say that, it’s serious.

Prisoners  follows a story of two families of which their daughters gone missing mysteriously after a Thanksgiving dinner. Then came the detective (Jake Gyllenhaal) and the odd suspect (Paul Dano). Then the father of one of the missing girls (Hugh Jackman) became irrational. Then there was dead body, another odd suspect, blood, men running in the rain. Spoiler stops here.

The pace was rather slow and the duration was exhausting even for a Hollywood film. These might turn some people off but no, please stay seated.  Prisoners  will be remembered for inserting suspense and twists (plural) and tricking the viewers psychology. It made you comfortably waiting, then it excited your heartbeat, then it made you waiting again, then it surprised you. It put you in a maze.


Prisoners shows how desperation changes religiousity to monstrosity and how  revenge changes monstrosity to something beyond that.  Both Gyllenhaal and Jackman gave performances that deserve praises (plural again). Gyllenhaal, a strong-willed detective with some shady nature (and tattoos) who will do anything to not lose the case, and Jackman, a father who will do anything to get his daughter back. The biggest surprise came from Melissa Leo (portraying the odd man’s aunt). She transformed into something you no longer recognize—both physically and non-physically.

Turn around, Mr. Dover,” she said. That sent me shivers down the spine. And that may  also send her to Oscars red carpet next year.

Photo credit : IMDB.


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