Review: Gravity (2013)


Houston, do you copy?

What would you do if you’re alone, with less than 10% of oxygen left, drifted around in the space? Oh, and this is your first time duty (you’re an amateur).

This is one hell of depressing film—in a good way. It captivated you, your brain, your senses, your brain, your own existence as cinephile, as human. Scene by scene was crafted beautifully, carefully and cleverly. You didn’t even think to blink your eyes.


Dominated by gut-wrenching scenes, Alfonso Cuarón successfully inserted some heart-warming ones here and there. Technical achievements are out of question: Gravity is definitely this year’s Life of Pi.  A visual galore to sci-fi lovers and physics geeks as well. Of course, there are some scientific inaccuracies but again, this is a sci-fi, not documentary.

Gravity also delivered one of Bullock’s best performances. She portrayed Dr. Ryan Stone, the amateur we mentioned in the opening of this post, brilliantly. She didn’t look like a strong woman at first glance, but as the story unfolded she managed to captured all efforts and odds for the sake of survivalship. The vastness of the space meets her extreme loneliness—what’s more poetic than that?

Oscars noms prediction: actress in leading role, cinematography, best picture (plus director, perhaps), and some technical ones (sound mixing, etc).

Photo credit : IMDB.


4 thoughts on “Review: Gravity (2013)

  1. One thought came to my mind when watching: Sandra’s very capable of acting as a nervous panicky woman. It’s like it’s so her.. But this is just my personal opinion 🙂

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