Quick Review: Android 4.2.2 on HTC One

HTC One 4.2.2 update

It arrives!

I’ve been using HTC One for the past few weeks and I’m quite happy with this phone.  Full review will be posted soon and this post will cover the changelog brought by 4.2.2 update only. My device is Taiwan model so I’m lucky to get the first batch of update this afternoon. Here are some new features and improvements I tested so far:

You can now swipe up home button to bring Google Now and press & hold for menu.  With this option, the black bar (three dots) in some apps now disappears. If you’re using Tweetdeck, or LINE, you’ll notice it’s much more clean now. 

Taiwan unit got new bloatwares: NLife, Google Play Music, Rescue. I personally don’t use any of these, and I think HTC should consider to sort which apps to include in the update and which should be thrashed off.

Animation & transition is more obvious than that of 4.1. Battery level now shown in percentage (very helpful!). All 5 homescreen panes can be re-arranged, save for the BlinkFeed pane. Speaking of personalization, wallpaper can be set from computer photos: you go to start.htc.com/wall, input specific code and set the image from there. I found this a little bit hassle.

Google widgets can be put on the lockscreen: Gmail, Keep, Calendar, Now. Very helpful at times, too.

Quick settingsIf you enable Dropbox’s camera upload feature, Zoe video now is backed up as 1 photo and 1 video (mp4) now. Previously it backed up as WHOLE 20 photos & 1 video. Oh, the video file size now is huge (26MB vs previously 3MB). Back up to Dropbox via WiFi only, if I may suggest you.

Swiping display down brings quick settings, which includes 12 shortcuts and toggles you frequently use. You can take screenshot from here and the image will be shown on notification pane/bar.

2013-07-02 19.52.47

Video highlights got new themes: Seaview, Atlantis, Hammervile, Gotham, Boulevard, Broadwalk, Lilyton. The look also got a revamp with horizontal layout (similar to those Instagram filters). The bug on selecting contents for video highlights is now fixed.

There’s also AE/AF lock in camera. I will update this list as I discover new stuff.



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