Buzzers, stop bitching out loud!

Patience is a virtue.

I won’t start Buzzer vs Ethics 101 discussion, somebody else has covered this story very, very well here. I will focus on the relationship between buzzers, brands and the audience on social media, instead. Disclosure: I’m not a pro and big portion of this post will be based solely on my personal point of view. And don’t worry, I know my English isn’t that good so I will try to put this simple.

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Hello again, world!


WordPress seems fun so I jumped into the bandwagon. I don’t abandon my old blog, though, but we’ll see what’s coming. I will try to update this blog more regularly―some posts in English and some others in bahasa Indonesia.  Hope I can enjoy blogging on WordPress.

Oh yes, that’s me, sipping a big cup of tea. The photo was taken by my colleague Tyara in 2010.


HTC elevate 1st meet up in Jakarta

New people.

It was a quiet afternoon at my workplace until my friend Panji mentioned me over a tweet whether I got an invite for HTC event in Jakarta. I was surprised and asked him back what event it was. He said HTC elevate meet up, and it’d be the first ever in Jakarta. Both Panji and I are members of HTC elevate, a VIP community programme run by HTC, aimed at customers and fans with by-invitation-only membership. In elevate, we make interactions with HTC and other members from around the globe, testing new softwares, participating in surveys. There are perks too, e.g. phone giveaways.

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